About Us

Caffeine Matters is not just a business, it's a state of mind. From the outside roasting coffee may look like an easy job, but to those that delve deeper, you uncover a world full of science and wonder. Great coffee starts with the finest green beans, roasted to perfection, and prepared with great pride.

The finest green beans:

When you rely on others to produce the first stage of your business, the green bean, you need to find farmers that share your passion and direction. All of my coffee is from microlot and specialty grade, picked by hand when the fruit is ripe, and processed in traditional ways. You are assured of very high quality coffee with all of my beans

Roasting to perfection:

The art of roasting coffee is not something that can be taught over night. Like all good artisan crafters, it takes time to master all the aspects involved. So many things need to be taken into account when roasting, from ambient room temperature and humidity, to the time and amount of heat that is applied during the process. That however, is only a small part of the process. You then have to consider the many attributes of the beans including moisture content and hardness of the bean.
Mastering it is very difficult, but very rewarding, both for myself, and in the cup for my customers.

Prepared with great pride:

It’s one thing to have a great coffee bean, but another to produce the final stage into the cup. I spend nearly as much time training people as baristas, as roasting the coffee. Knowing the coffee I produce also allows me to recommend the best coffee for people based on their preferred method of making coffee, whether it be a drip filter, pour over or espresso based.

Established on the edge of the Mornington Peninsula in Pearcedale and a proud supporter of the local community since 2012.